There. That ought to get the trolls' attention.

I'm shocked by some parents' reactions to a teacher who writes erotica. That it happened down in Texas doesn't surprise me. They seem kinda religious down there, and unfortunately Christians don't  like sex much, at least "unsanctified" sex, (and of course my puter thinks it isn't a word but it is, damn it). Still, it'd make an excellent title for a sex novel--in fact I even have one in mind, so don't go stealing it now.

The story is here, if you're interested, from Publisher's Weekly. She's gotten a lot of support, the parents who wanted to lock her back into her chastity belt have been properly spanked, and Judy'll probably end up with more sales from it.

When I embarked on writing erotica (I don't care for that term, but I won't digress on it here) I had to sort of make a conscious decision not to worry about it. It was another rung in my 12 step program of "Fuck-It-ness." I "came out," as it were, even to my mom (who doesn't approve, if you wondered). But I realized what I thought about it was the most important thing. I chronicled some of that journey here at SS@S, though I never tag anything, so goodfuckingluck finding it. (I need to someday be popular enough to have someone who loves me tag all my posts. As if.)

Ditto the actual having of the sex outside of marriage. To me the sex act is many things and protecting it with some "rule" isn't for me. All people need to do is take a look around and they'll notice there's as many paths to sex as there are people. I have friends who are poly-amorous. I have friends who aren't married, others who had children out of wedlock, some who are married all traditional-like, some who waited, and some who didn't... it so it goes. And to me, erotica kind of fits into that whole vein of there are many paths, who are you to tell someone which to take?  

Who am I? for that matter.

It's occurred to me that a lot of people, people who are maybe like these indignant parents in the story linked above, don't consider that they might be wrong nearly often enough. And then it occurred that maybe they realize they're wrong to some extent and cling to it, God only knows why, and that's why they'll defend it to the death.

But what exactly is the problem with being wrong, especially if it was in the past?

Which is makes me think the last rung of that ladder might be "no regrets".


Peter Dudley said...

What really bothers me is that typically, people who don't want to dictate morality for others also don't seek political office. It's the curse of our political system that the second biggest reason people go into politics is so they can wield control over other people. (The biggest reason is the ego stroke of being "in charge," of course.)

Fundamentally, I think moral outrage over something like this comes from a need of insecure people to prove they're better than others. People who are secure in themselves typically do not lash out in attack.

Just my observations. Such broad generalization is, of course, a dodgy business.

Anonymous said...

There is no last rung.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

profound, sie.

yeah, Pete, those are good observations, even in a general sense. Maybe that's why most politicians rub me so raw. I hates thems, I do, hatessss themmssss.

Les Edgerton said...

Sex? We're talking about sex? Deal me in! Of course, I'm 68 so have a different approach these days. The approach is I approach each time like it might be my last time and therefore I've begun to do what my teachers urged me to do back in h.s. and... apply myself.

Betsy--don't worry about what others say. You know my philosophy of life--Don't let others rent space in your head.

Like this post!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Thanks, Les! You're so funny... apply yourself, indeed.