all sorts of busy

I'm still hanging out all week over at Fifty Authors, so go on over if you like and learn a little something about the center of the Continental US. I'm giving away books, too.

Also registration starts for Colorado Gold today. I'm doing a big short story workshop (get out your red pens!) on Friday afternoon and a fun one in the bar that night. Then it's all hanging out, attending, and partying with my friends after that!

Have I mentioned how much I love my editor over at Torrid? His name is Dave Field and he's damned thorough. More work for me, but it makes for such a better book. So I'm in the thick of LOST PRINCE for the next day or so, wrapping up preliminary edits. (I especially like how he mentioned there wasn't too much, but then I course through the file and there's hardly a page without red... tee hee.)

Also, slush pile time! I've been neglecting it; any delays are mine, of course. My partners are SO patient with me!  (And they have less time than I do. Can you say "Time Management Class"???)  Sheesh.

If you're in the Denver area in May, I'll be attending a writer's workshop as a worker bee, helping crit pages. This is one of my passions, editing and critting, so I'm looking forward to it (though I'll have to bug out a bit early: U2 that night!) But if you want to get my help, the crit is included in the price of the workshop, and apparently the speaker is excellent.

I'm also still absorbing REM's new album. If you're a fan, it's well worth a listen. Michael's voice has held up so well. Amazing. I'll definitely see them this time around. They usually play Red Rocks.

And it's GREEN outside. All springy and shit.

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