back from the vacaycay

Blogging by iPad is not my favorite thing. But it's 3 am and this is the best I can do from bed. I realized we missed our Monday oolala, but I was on vacation. All you need to know is it consisted of 3 epic days of snowboarding, including riding in knee deep fresh powder.

It's surreal, great powder on a board. One second you're earthbound and the next you're floating on top of a dream. I did come home sick and missed my crit group. Boo.

Today it'll be back to it, focusing on a few housekeeping issues and continuing AOE. Long time readers know how squirrelly I get when I don't write. A good substitute has been Come in Character. Another writer there and I have co-mingled our worlds and characters. Out of the blue, what started as a playful flirtation has developed int a full-blown love affair-- and story!!--between Aidan and her character Marenya. I can't speak for Christine (I'll amend with links later) but my characters are richer for it. Aidan has been put into the position of being rejected, but being himself, he dashed back in to get his girl with nary a thought to the consequences. He got her, all right, and a whole lot more than he bargained for. Aidan  isn't stupid, but at 22, he doesn't think things through very well. I got a lot of practice putting him in a position of reacting from the gut and failing. Very enlightening. Christine and I will be discussing our experiences with this roll playing (she calls it crack fiction, a very apt term on a number of levels) in future. I'll link here when we do.

Did I mention I got a pub date for LOST PRINCE, and assigned an editor I really like, AND an advance? All in the span of a few days. Happy happy. It's coming out July 1, which makes it the perfect beach read. Like a lot of smaller pubs, releasing to other formats comes slowly. But there is a way to download PDFs to your Kindle and Nook. I'll be posting directions on the my poor overworked sidebar soon. Dogfights in space, galaxial rebellion, buglike aliens, and sex at lightspeed. What more can you ask for?

I'm starting to put together my marketing efforts for both books. So. To Blog Tour or not to Blog Tour, that is the question of the day...


Christine Hardy said...

You R So Awesome!

Wierd, isn't it, how the characters are channeling through us? People ask me how I come up with them, if I base them on real people, and I have to say honestly "They are real people.. they are themselves, not like anyone else."

Kinda god-like and freaky.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...


I've been channeling Aidan and Kaelin for so long I barely have to think about it any more.

Trinidad is probably my toughest, the least like me.