i had a day

I had a Day.

A creative day. I did things like, in no certain order, throw down cards for tarot readings. 8 of 'em I think. Or more. I lost count somewhere around, well, 8.

I polished a book called LOST PRINCE--changed words like homeplanet into homeworld; changed a really bad madeup placeholder name into Mattias, caught a couple of contractions in Aric's POV sections, cuz that boy speaks all proper.

I submitted said book with a lot of spit and hope. Turns out I'm fond of this space opera lark. Katriel and Aric are damaged folks, ya, just how we like 'em.

Started a new book, second in the SENTINEL series, entitled ARCHIVE OF EARTH.

Went in the closet and shined a flashlight on my hand to see what the shadows look like. AOE starts with a dead hand sticking up from the ground.

Watched another Spartacus ep.

Read more THE WAY OF KINGS. Likey likey. (Just realized Sanderson uses Archive in his title as well. SENTINEL has long had archive in the title, so I won't change it--and there's only so many to go around anyway. But interesting.)

Anyway, it was a day. How was yours?


Michael Malone said...

Good luck with the submissions.

Way of Kings was excellent - 1001 pages and apparently this is going to be one of a series of 10 books. Thems a lot of words.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

No doubt. I'm sure I'll lose interest way before book 10 (I couldn't even get through the third book of Wheel of Time). But I enjoyed it mightily.