I had this super fun, super gifty Christmas. No frankincense and myrrh, damn it. Maybe next year. But lots of other goodies, including 3 robots! I've been working on my robot collection for awhile, very slowly. Got 3 this December.

If you biggersize the pic, you'll see that I also included the boxes, just cause they're vintage-looking and cool. One of them I made; I think he appeared here earlier in the year. The R2 unit is vintage, from when I saw Star Wars IV in the 70s about 16 or 17 times, I dunno, but it was the most of any kid in my school. Yup. Geek, even in the way-back machine.

I also like the way the alien is acting all terrified on the sidelines. Robots, eeek!  You might also notice my friend Carol's books on the shelf above. She almost has her own small shelf in my library! Her book THE SOUL MIRROR came out yesterday. Everything she writes is golden. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and read!!

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