Whew, it's been a whirlwind the past few days! Emails, Facebook, notes, phone calls! (Plus interviews and guest blog posts. No wonder I'm not keeping house here very well.) I hope all those folks buy ARCHIVE OF FIRE and love the boys as much as I do. They really are adorable. When they aren't being obnoxious. They look a bit like this:
Can you tell which is which? No, cuz you haven't read the book!
Yeah, they really are that young. Aidan and Kaelin are about 22 when the series starts. Aidan acts like a 5 year old much of the time and Kaelin, who's younger by about 5 minutes, acts like he's about a 100. And ya, they're smokin' hot. So what about it? Trust me when I say, though, they rarely get the girl.

I've been writing them for so long, it's intriguing to think of coming back to the stories I love with maybe a little of the skill it deserves. It's a big, epic, complicated story, the SENTINEL series, with a named cast of something like 150 (got a master list on the hard drive somewhere and I can't find the damn thing! Time to start another... In fact, I think I'll see if the publisher will add it to the first book and I'll grow it with the series. If not, I'll post it here, or on a proper website. Yay. Another thing I must do.)

I can't wait to start writing it again. I love the second book bestest. It's a bridge book (meaning, some bad stuff goes down and there's no good way to make the end happy or resolved, not entirely). Tre dark. But the characters do so much and change so much, really commit to their lives in Sentinel as demon-killers.

I doubt I'll even look at previous drafts, they're such utter crap. The story is there; the writing is shit. I wrote a synopsis from memory the other night and as soon as I finish THE LOST PRINCE I'll be turning my attention to drafting it (It'll be titled SENTINEL: ARCHIVE OF EARTH), while still revising THE SILVER SCAR and then sending it out to agents, hopefully in a few months! 

Katriel and Aric in LOST PRINCE are coming along nicely (and, er, well, coming occasionally, tee hee). I think it'll need one solid revision and then off to the editor. My problem right now is that I don't have a beta reader for my erotica. That was the great thing about writing with a partner. So if anyone's interested...? Purty please with lube on top?  I do need a quick turnaround cuz I've promised it to my editor, but I'm happy to repay in kind. It's going to be around 35K words or hopefully less.

Other than that, everything blew up around the homefront this weekend and yesterday: a dripping drain, need a new faucet, homework woes, entire family sick but me. We took the weekend off from the mountains and apparently really needed it. I spent a deal of it in bed, just reading, watching TV, and then cleaning house and such. Need that occasionally.

I seriously always mistype occasionally.  I type it like this: occassionally. Buzz! WRONG. Like, dude, I've tried to type it correctly and homey's fingers don't do dat.

What word do you misspell all the freaking time?

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