Yesterday Hannahdog was under the weather, but she's eaten her breakfast today and been outside to do doggie things and seems cheerful enough. I might have to get her out in the snow for a walk, cuz, yanno, there's


This is outside my office window. If you look closely, you might see Christmas twinklies on the wee tree and the yellow flag of my neighbor's putting green off in the distance.  

Two days ago I saw my neighbor early in the morning. He's an actual train conductor, so he hauled himself out of his car, weary from conducting the train all night, took his hat off and said, wonder in his voice: "You're in shorts."

He'd just been in Omaha, where it was "ass-cold."
Two days ago it was 70. Today it's ass-cold. Never mind the mountains, which have been getting hammered. We were all talking at Conors last night how the warm weather has put a damper on the Christmassy feelings. Not so today, Eli, eh?

Not that Eli reads my blog. But he does give me cold Stella on a regular basis and interesting conversation as well. Good man, Eli.

But mostly we're waiting here at Sex Scenes: on company, on Christmas, on a couple of publications. I've received word my story should appear in Short-Story.me! in about two weeks, give or take. I'm also waiting on my print edition of Big Pulp with my story in it. As soon as they're available, I'll let folks know, cuz their stories are reliably good. Also, no, QUENCHED is not available for Kindle yet. For those of you who've asked, I don't know when. That's between my publisher and Amazon and I have no say in the matter. BUT, you can get it from Whiskey Creek and a couple of other venues--if you're looking for a Christmas Present: you go. Buy. Enjoy. (Linkage isn't working currently. It's over there on the sidebar.)

Also, lots of writers (roughly 45) are waiting to hear from ME regarding their stories. I'm trudging through the first draft of THE LOST PRINCE at the moment. I had a big stall-out when I threw out the planned ending as too pat. It did give me the chance to go Christmas shopping, so it's not all bad. New ending is in the process of installation, and I think (hope!) it's a humdinger. I do need to find a beta reader for this story. Won't put it through my regular group; they're all hot and heavy with SCAR and I don't want to stall that progress.

I'm also considering the pros and cons of Wikileaks. Interestingly, I sat at the bar next to the director of a small government group concerned with international media, so he's dealing with it on a daily basis and had great info for me. As I mentioned on FB, I'll gather some more thoughts and attempt to coagulate them here. Someone also hit me up as an editor, said he'd send me stuff, etc. He recalled my name later so he might actually do it.

Two upcoming events if you want to catch a glimpse of me in the wild:

Conors Tonight. The Indulgers are playing and I wanted to go see them since this might be it for the winter, and plus we just need to get out of the house. I think we're going with some friends, too.

Tentatively: Winter Park on Monday

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Travis Erwin said...

We got snow last night as well. Only a couple of inches but I'll take it.