Wow, finally kind of getting caught up on my inbox and To Do list. It's been a bit insane, being gone so much (and the fun resumes this week on a super-secret event). And I'm still sick. Joy fucking joy.

In the middle of Hell, formerly known as Monday, I started a new short story and I'm going to launch a new novella tonight. I really wanna write another erotica - they're just kind of fun to write and hopefully fun to read! Plus, backlist is apparently everything so I need one. This one is going to be a SF space opera because I just wanna. AND, for grins, it's going to have some regular b/g sex. Haven't cracked SCAR in awhile but I plan to work on that in the near-term.

I did a panel Saturday for Denver Writers Meet-Up with several others, mostly friends. See here for us in action. That's me, two down from the right. My hair is always always blonder than I think it is. Weird. Surprises me every time. Lots of good questions, writing prompts, stump the author with weird props, etc. (I'm also pictured a couple of posts down at Mile Hi Con, if you want to see what I look like as a writerly barfly. Some of you know exactly how I look in that circumstance...)

Have I ever mentioned that I hate writing prompts/exercises? It's something I rarely mention, but the first step is admitting it to yourself. First step to what, you wonder? To actually denying ever doing one again. I wonder if it's appropriate that I announced that at DWM panel.  Anyway, thanks to Mike for setting up the whole thing!

I put my costume together in the hour after I got home. I was Tamina from Prince of Persia. Turned out okay, I think. No prizes, but then I never win anything.

Also, don't forget I'll mail you a bookmark if you want! C'mon, humor me. I'll be sad if no one wants any!

Aight. What's on with y'all?

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Beth Partin said...

Tipsy from a bunch of excellent drinks made with Root liqueur, the precursor to Prohibition-era root beer. Todd wouldn't let me drive home. I would love to have a bookmark.