what am i thinking?

I'm having writer days, real writer days. Yanno, like 8 hours staring at the same chapter. THOSE sorts of days.

Ah, revision. It's a love/hate relationship.

Drafting is hard, but it's fun, damn fun, cuz you know, it's a first draft. Everything is new and pretty, we all come dressed up for our first dates. We're kinda careful about what we say and all, but generally, electricity is in the air.

And then we hit The End. Revision is like planning a wedding. Suddenly you're fussing over Every Fucking Detail. You realize you really don't have the budget for a horse drawn chariot to take you to the church and pick you up after. You want to drink champagne all night, but you can really only spring for one toast. And all the while you're wondering "Am I really doing this? I'm getting married? Changing my name and mailing address and getting the joint bank account? Big commitment, that."

As big as writing a novel, making it all pretty for publishers and agents, and wondering sometimes just what in hell made you think it was ever a good idea.

Huh. Might be time to quit for the day.


jennifer.harrell.scott said...

OMG I freaking adore the metaphor. Ooh, ahhh, I rhymed =)

Seriously tho... awesome! U officially have a new follower.


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Anonymous said...

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siebendach said...

Sex. STOP. I meant it. You're scaring me!

I'm married and you're scaring me.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Dude, I can't help it. 20 years married and it just seemed like the best analogy I could think of.

Anon, um. No offense, but did you forget to include a porn link or something?