12 hours of sleep in 3 nights.

Hours of fun with this guy. (and his patience while I gave him the hard sell)

Even more with this one, Mario Acevedo...

So many awesome old friends and new ones. Notables: Jeanne Stein, The Vickis, Twitter girls, Eric Sidle and The Assgrabbers, Tamera, Pam Nowak, Susan Mackay Smith, Carol Berg; fellow Inklings Lesley, Dave, and Rebecca; the Janets, Susie for doing a bang-up job on the Suite, Marne (thanks for the socks!) Shannon Baker...oh jeez I'm sure I'm forgetting about a million folks. It was fabulous to see you all!

Hilarious speech from Connie Willis. "Your mother in law is ALWAYS coming next week. Write anyway."

Awesome audiences during our workshops, even the one where Lesley and I were pulled in at the last minute and winged it on a few hours of sleep. (Don't ask me any big questions. Just little, direct ones! My train of thought was shot by then.) So many people thanked me afterward, asked good questions, hit me up for a chat, and just said hi. It makes the work so worth it!

Thanks to both Terri Bischoff and Denise Dietz for approaching me and chatting briefly with a small-time editor. Writers raved about how friendly and approachable all the editors and agents were!

And I learned two things. Every writer has personal themes and I think, I think, therein lies Voice. And, mentioning that I rejected you is maybe not the very best way to start a conversation. Better approach:I read Electric Spec!


Beth Partin said...

That conversation opener reminds me of the ex-boyfriend who came up to me at our 20-year college reunion and asked me if I remembered some mean thing I'd done to him.

It was a fun conference.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

haha. I would've said: "Which one? I did so many mean things to so many people they all run together!"