darling thieves

I'm on an compulsive obsessive kick with Darling Thieves, formerly I Hate Kate. Their new album, Race to Red, shows all sorts of old punk influences and I just love that. Each song has a unique sound and feel from the others while also sounding like DT. I think it's themes that link them, and in music, part of theme is voice. Obviously voice is a little more literal in music, but listening to it over and over I'm starting to get more of a handle on voice in literature: words you choose, the beat, the rhythm. It's like when the DT singer takes his voice deep and hard. He does it in places another singer might not. The songs are also designed more for live singing. If you listen to a lot of music, you start to get an ear for that.

Fortunately, I get to see them in September.

Anyway, it's rare to get an album in which I love all the songs. Even more rare to find a writer from whom we love all his stories, eh?

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