why i am not fooling people into thinking i'm a soccer mom

No. I don't get that question a lot. But I'm not fooling anyone.

Real soccer moms don't sit on the back porch with their friend and have beers (yeah, plural) while their kid's tutor is in the kitchen tuting them.

After having had some beers (yeah, plural) at a late lunch.

On a Monday.

Our question: would it have been better if it had been wine? Classier? More acceptable? I honestly don't know. Heck it was almost five.


I don't know that teachers do that drinking on the back porch with friends at inappropriate times either (not the good ones anyway), but I'm a writer, right? I'm supposed to be all freaky and different.

Except...I'm about to be a teacher again.  I was one awhile back, in the wayback machine when I was closer to college-aged than mommy-aged.

Truth? Teachers intimidate the hell out of me. Fuck, I even intimidated myself when I was a teacher.

So, I hearby resolve to be a cool teacher. No tests. Jokes. Lots of laughing.

No tests.


Anonymous said...

although admit it, that wasn't beers 1 and 2 - it was beers 3 and 4...

Aniket said...

You would have been my fav. teacher. Uber cool!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

No doubt, Anon.

Aww, Aniket, what a nice thing to say...

Bernita said...

No tests?
They will love you.