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omg busy

Had my class. Can I just say right here and now how impressed I am with my students? Smart freaking people. They make a great group. I hope they fly when I kick 'em out of the nest!


I saw Cage the Elephant and you didn't!  Suckas!  You SO MISSED OUT.  They are incredible. So punk. So fun. Hyper, ritalin-free punk rock sung by a guy who dances like he's about to start speaking in tongues. He stage darts himself and stands up, singing the whole time, held up by the crowd. Seriously, who can beat it?  They're the next Green Day. CUTE t-shirt, too. Love me some concert tees.

An odd thing happened while we were at the show, this guy asked my friend if she had any kids and when she said no, he said she was selfish.


I don't get it.

It's kind of like when atheists claim I'm delusional.

Ok yeah, I get where they're coming from even if Jesus was a real guy, and ohbytheway, so was Buddha, and they were helluva nice guys, unlike people who call other people delusional when they have no PROOF (which they demand to believe in anything) that God is NOT real.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT. Go away, atheists. I'm not attacking you. I'm using it as an example to illustrate how not having kids is not selfish (it's unprovable, for one, and um, I think doing more than replacing yourself on the planet is a little bit selfish) and moreover, BE NICE TO EACH OTHER, PEOPLE.


I'm a teacher now. I can do the snap and you have to shut up. (see what I did there? brought it right around...)

But why? Why would anyone say something of that sort? Why provoke? Especially a stranger? Why are you taking my tree up the chimney, Santa Claus? Why?



Anonymous said...

I kept waiting for it to be a pick-up line - "well, then, do you want to make some" - which, while the most tasteless line ever would have still made more sense than the selfish comment.

I'm such a huge huge proponent of people not feeling that they have to have kids - just like no one should feel they have to get married because it's "what people do."

Having said all that, if your friend now feels that she needs kids, she is welcome to borrow mine for a few hours or weeks.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Get in line, Aerin.

Heh. He was a new dad. Worse than a new Christian, I tell ya.

Beth Partin said...

I had a deal with a friend of mine from college, back when I thought I still might have children. She said she thought she'd like babies more than teenagers, so I told her she could have my kids when they were babies and I'd take hers when they were teenagers. Now I have none and she has four, but she hasn't called in her side of the deal yet.