Ok, so I don't remember when I first read this, but it struck me as kind of fun and funny and rather perfect. After all, I love going to MileHiCon and WorldCon, etc, and hanging with all the costumers. Srsly, there's nothing better than hanging at one of the parties--alcohol-free so you get liquored up beforehand and carry your own--with the dimmer up all the way, carrying on a conversation with Draco Malfoy or a fairy or an officer from Stargate. It is awesome! Nay, frakking awesome. Hell, I just ride the elevator with those folks and I'm all sigh, I'm with my tribe.  Not like riding the elevator with some suit on a cell phone. That's anti-tribe, asshole, and get off the phone, you'll miss your floor.

My husband thinks I'm nuts, as do a lot of local mommys and shit, cuz they think, and I quote, that I "was popular in school." Hahahahahhahahahhaha! But I guess the reasoning is if I were popular I wouldn't hang out with the  geeks at SF cons. Ha!  Fooled 'em!

Anyway, I thought it was kind of a fluke, the whole superhero in bars phenom--not to go all hipster on your ass--until lo and behold I walked into our very own local bar called Shooters, chock-filled with freakin SUPERHEROES! (and some gay ones, too, providing my gaydar's batteries were charged up, and I think they were.)

Now I don't love me some comic books, never have, but there's something about a red suit and yeller cape that turns me on. Plus it has a mechanical bull and a band with a drummer my son could outplay, all in wife-beaters. Why? I dunno. Their gig, their look. I assume they're unsigned so they have no one to tell them what's right and wrong.

Anyway, in conclusion, some of the superheroes looked less than heroic but a couple of them... Epic Yum.

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