rock on

So if you want to see the Up and Coming Famous Drummer playing on YouTube, here's his link. Of course I can't embed the vid cuz I suck.

Funny story. One of our friends complemented him on his performance, and Alex (okayhisnameisAlexit'srightthereonthevideostalkers
pleasedon'tmakeanoteofit), who talks ad nauseum to ANYONE AT ALL as long as it's about him (he'sgoingtobeoneofthosechattyneighborsyouavoid) mentioned that he was going to Rock Band Camp this summer (wherethefuckwasrockbandcampwhenIwasakidyouthis
wastedontheyoung) and he looked at our friend, big eyes huger than the everyday enormous, and said, "OMG*, what if they see my YouTube video and recognize me and are so excited I'm coming to play at their camp, cuz that kid there, he rocks out on the drums."

Uh. Yeeeaaahhhh.

Welcome to the wide world of entertainment, bucko, where everyone is famous and no one knows anyone...

I got to say I'm proud of the kid though. He picked Crazy Train for his next song.


*he really does say OMG, the acronym, and it signals a joke coming on.

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