house of snot

Three out of four people are sick in my house and guess who's playing nursemaid? I don't even get to wear the sexy outfit, sheesh. No one's interested in sexy at the moment. They just want me to bring them stuff and set up the next movie and be their personal emotional punching bag. Everyone's crabby, cranky, and coughing.

And I'm not writing, so you can include me in the cranky. I plan to rectify that today. I did do a bang-up work out yesterday, so the day wasn't all wrong despite running out of beer. Armageddon.  It struck hard, but yes, I wore tennies  like a good little conformist. (to the gym, not Armageddon--that I took on barefoot). The husband loves that gym so I can't take  stand against tennies by leaving.  He'd live there if he could, and srsly, it's starting to show. He's got, like, TRICEPS now.

Since I can't put a picture of hubbin's Gun Show up on the web, here's a pretty picture of Sam:

And yanno. That's about says it all.  How's you?

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