My elbow hurts. I have tendonitis in it. I guess it's tennis elblow (haha I just typed elblow, say it. SAY IT. Now say it three times. It's funny, yeah? Now make monkey sounds and scratch your head. Sigh, good times.)

The problem with having a hurting elbow is that no one takes you seriously.

This thing hurts really fucking bad. But it's your elbow and people just don't take the elbow seriously. Like when you bump your funny bone and you're all "AHHHHH OMG THAT HURTS LIKE A FUCKING BITCH!" and people are all "Oh haha you must have bumped your funny bone." And you say "IT'S NOT FUNNY WHY IS IT CALLED A FUNNY BONE I'M GOING TO DIE FROM THE PAIN!" and they're all "I dunno, but it is kind of funny, you jumping around like that and you're not going to die, quit being so melodramatic" and you're all "COME OVER HERE AND SAY THAT TO MY MACHETE, BITCH!"

Anyway. My elbow hurts. Badly. I'm supposed to ice it, but I'm a mother so who has time?  (Okay, I am a mom, but I have plenty of time to ice it. I just get bored laying there with ice, and then the ice pack leaks all over the sheets and I have to change the sheets because no one else ever lifts a finger around this damn house but me. What am I, your maid, mister? Don't you look at me like that! Ooo, you're grounded now, bucko.)

Anyway my elbow hurts. Insert sympathy below.

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