Thursday I went into Conors to have my pre-dinner beer like always. Okay, always on Thursdays. Not always-every day.  Always Every Day Pre-Dinner Beers are from home. Anyway, so I'm reading this nutjob Boulder paper called the Boulder Weekly. I love it because it is so utterly Boulder. Actually it's not. It's more what Boulder aspires to be. Boulder could only hope to be so weird. (But weird in a cool way, like the computer geek who makes 500 k a year writing video games and drives a Maserati.)

Anyway, I don't know if you know but pine beetles have murdered several hundred thousand trees (maybe millions, I'm not good with numbers) off to the Mountainous West and so at this point it's either cut them down or wait for God To Strike Down The Forest With A Lightning Strike.  (Oh, and come see Rocky Mountain National Park soon before all the trees die. Hey, I'm not telling  you twice.) People have been cutting the beetle-et trees down and making all this wormwoody carpentry stuff with the wood, like pretty cabinets and stuff. I guess their poo makes pretty colors in the grain of the wood.  Seriously!

And now a guy is making eco-coffins.

So the deal is you're stuck in there (dead, I think) with no embalming fluid (better move sooner than later on that one, I say) and then you actually do rot in the ground and you don't make much ecological impact, apparently.

Except the thing they've neglected to consider is that we're all chock full of chemicals, especially those of us who were alive in the 60s and 70s. So I'm thinking that's wishful thinking. 

Which perfectly describes the difference between what Boulder is and what Boulder wants to be.

Not sure why I'm italicizing. Seemed the thing to do at the time.

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