writing today

Just a quick break from playing with pretend people.

I'm writing ahead of deadline today, trying to wrap up this draft. The goal is to finish the draft today, print and read it tomorrow and do a final go through. I write with rolling revisions and a tight storyboard, so I'm expecting a clean copy. I hope to get it to my partner Monday and with any luck, we'll have it turned in by end of business next week.

I'm a little hungover. I have a ton of fun stuff planned for the weekend (getting to watch my kid perform on drums being a highlight). It's raining--perfect sleeping or reading weather.

SUPERNATURAL reruns are calling.

I have 22 stories to read in the Electric Spec hold file by next Saturday. The upstairs could use a push of the vacuum.  The dog is bored. I could just sing along all day with Cage the Elephant.

Last night a friend asked me how I keep writing. How do I finish?

Certainly no one's holding a gun to my head, and I'm a full week ahead of deadline. I could fuck around all day. But that's not the commitment I made with myself. Makes this a discipline day.

And you know, I want to write. I want my name (well, pseudonym's name) on another cover.

Hell.A bad day of writing is better than a good day working at anything else.

So yeah. Sitting here isn't all that hard at all.  1000 words in and a couple thou more to go.It's all climax (in more ways than one) and fun as hell to write.

And WTF, it's turning into a damn good story, even if I do say so myself.

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