nice/not flip/flop

I made sort of a pact with myself to be nicer to serving people. Cuz serving people sucks. It does. I've been on the server end.

And it really is as easy to smile and be nice to people. My husband does. Now, he's pretty (okay, incredibly) good looking. Way hotter than me. And he gets better with age. I've noticed how he smiles at people and they respond. He could charm the basket off a snake.

But I find myself getting crotchety when people tell me what to do. Like rules, you know. I seem to be going through a late life puberty with its requisite fuck 'em all and their rules. Like today, some guy at the gym told me I can't wear flippies, I have to wear close-toed shoes.

It pissed me off.

I hate close-toed shoes. I spend all winter annoyed with boots and socks and slippers. I start wearing my flippies as soon as the temps hit 45. I go barefoot constantly around the house. Plus I broke my foot in tennis shoes last summer...

Plus, I don't like 'em.

I found it really hard to be nice during that brief exchange and now I'm pissed. Unreasonably pissed. Considering-leaving-my-gym pissed.

Maybe I need more in my life. I feel busy, but apparently not busy enough...

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