I'm writing QUENCHED and I'm finding an issue with the sex scenes.  In QUENCHER, the sex serves a direct purpose to the story: they show Chere's journey of exploration.  In this book, which is more a horror story, the characters engage in sex as exploration, too, and it is woven into the plot, but somehow they seem more lurid

The sex leads to trouble, and it's tough for me to justify the book making a moral statement (via plot) regarding their choices, because, I like know people who have made similar choices and hell, who am I to judge?  But maybe that's one of those plot quirk things that I need to ignore and let readers take from it what they will.

And, funny enough, I'm finding as hard as they are to write, the sex scenes are running super long. One is like SEVEN pages. That's a whole lotta sex right there.  So I'm going to actually have to go in and cut it back some.

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