dont want to wait? buy uk

I found this to be an example of what many folks say is "wrong" with publishing today.

As few as five years ago, different release dates made sense.  Now? Not so much.  The world is, despite republican and publisher objections, becoming quite a bit smaller. This problem only going to increase (okay, mixing metaphors) as time goes on.  It's the Intarwebs, baby.

Publishing is finding out that consumers care about as much about international copyright laws for a $25 book as they do about the ethics of pirating music.  Considering sometimes international deals are better than US deals, this attitude could help some writers.  I also thought it intriguing that Knoff didn't think of this happening before it did.  Or maybe they did, but ignored it.  Even bookstores figured this out. 

Thoughts on solutions to this, barring releasing on the same date worldwide...(duh)? 

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