One thing I don't understand is the whole Rejoice in Being Woman movement. I see it everywhere, with friends and online.  I don't tend to focus on myself as a woman first. Regular readers know I tend to gravitate toward guythink anyway. I like cars with big tires, cussing, drinking beer, giant sweatshirts. I even have an appreciation for hot chicks.  (Sometimes I'm jealous. Sometimes I'm just all:  Wow. Not really sexual. Just Wow. It's an aesthetic thing, I think, and I think that way about guys too...why am I explaining it like there's something wrong with it?)  I also like to shop.  (Shopping, yummmmmy.) And shoes. I dig shoes. (The flipflop and motorcycle boot kind, primarily, but I like fancy kinds too.)

But back to the woman thing, I actually think I forget sometimes that I'm a girl and that there are Major Differences that everyone else is focused on all the time.  I like friends with whom it doesn't really matter, too. I think it's why I like hanging with this guy so much, and some of my face friends.

It's not that gender doesn't occur to me first like with everyone else. (I think I want to write a story where the reader never knows if it's about a boy or a girl. I'm sure it's been done, but it would be fun to play with.)  It's just that gender doesn't really cloud my judgment.

Okay.  Or maybe it does. But I just don't go around gravitating toward women or lamenting sexual discrimination or getting all nuts cuz I have no sisters or any of it. I used to wonder if I should want to be a boy instead of a girl. And I'd think, No, I'm a girl and I'm cool with it.  I have  a sneaking suspicion that I'd feel the same way about being a boy, if I were a boy.

I guess I just try to Rejoice in Being Human.

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