Bernita graciously awarded me this Prolific Blogger award, which I find ironic since I've cut back considerably. I've been writing and living and snowboarding (sore from the powpow!) too much, and by the time I have something to say, I seem to be always off to the next thing rather than sitting here. I'm supposed to award it to seven people, but honestly, I haven't been reading much. I do have one, though, who tends to post faithfully, and on many subjects, too.

I'm supposed to lose Haloscan here in a minute, I guess. It hasn't happened yet, but if you can't leave comments suddenly, don't freak.  (You can always email me if it's urgent.)  I need to recruit someone to reinstall blogger comments (or spend an hour figuring it out to do it myself...wrongly).  Really and actually, I need a new site, yeah. I worked up this, but frankly, I'm not all that down with changing URLs and I don't really like wordpress overmuch. (And yes, that is my actual snowboard with my actual feet attached. And yes it is pink shuddup.)

Got a good magazine coming out in a week.  I'm also reading my friend Carol Berg's latest, and really liking it.  It's keeping me on my thoughtlines on THEME, and I'm thinking of tackling a class on it.  I might have to start a series of posts, if I ever get the freaking time...

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