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Seek out some Macmillan authors on other sites and in bookstores, please. They're taking a big hit on this fiasco.  Haven't checked to see if buttons are back up, but Amazon is playing like a 2 year old, so I doubt they are.

Lots and lots of crazy stuff going on.  For one, Electric Spec is going quarterly.  Four issues, 5 stories each. Do the math - it's a couple more stories for us, but mostly more often is very exciting to me.  Makes me busy.

re: writing

I'm learning that each book requires its own process. I'm heavy into revisions, though I haven't yet written "the end."  I think it's because those edits are informing the end.  By the time I get around to writing it, I think I'll have a better grasp of detail.  Right now it's world building.  I got some serious questions last night at crit group and it helped me clarify my thoughts on things.  So far my characters are becoming real people, but they're more floating than on solid ground.  Lots to think about for the future. I'm taking a purposeful minimalist approach to setting, but that means every detail is essential and must inform the Story.

What's a setting detail that totally informs your Story?

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