it somehow got to be monday without my noticing

Oh ho, where to begin?  See, I've been off and busy living, yeah, and...  well. It's best I not go into all that, really.  Protecting the innocent and the not-so, you see.  I did finally have a fine powder day, though, fresh tracks. At one moment I looked up one long run and down it as far as I could see, and it was just me and God on that mountain.  So that made me happy and made up for a freaking LOT.  A lot, I tell you. It's a peace I'm clinging to about now.

I kind of got a job,  a contracting gig teaching at our local community college. On writing, of course, but it's meant to make the students do most of the work.  It'll be a hoot and a half.  At least for me.

And I have thoughts and opinions on all sorts of things of local and recent interest, but it's been a week of tragedy (actually a couple of weeks now).  Agony, the emotional sort, and I'm just about fucking sick of talking and thinking and thinking and talking...

So I'm back home for four days, in a groove. Having a Fat Tuesday jam tomorrow night, just a small one, and then I'll crawl into church and get my cross ashed on my forehead dutifully, hangover or no.  And the whole thing will make me dream of Trinidad and open gates that lead who-knows-where.

Draw your sword and buckle on your shield, cuz we're going through.

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