what's on for today?

Been awhile since The Great Squirrel Hunter was pictured here:

~Hannah-doggles at the sled hill in Grand Lake~

All the  cool writers put their pets online.  Cabal even has his own Tumblr page.  But my dog's cuter.  Sorry Neil. She's even going to have her own page on the new website I'm purportedly developing.  (So I heard. It must be in my sleep though cuz I am still hanging out here at Sex Scenes.)

Yes, I know she has the thing on her that make her look vicious, but it just keeps her from pulling me down on my ass on the snow when she sees a squirrel.  Or a dog. Or anything at all. She's a giwant stwong doggie, yes she is, doggles-dogglies-dog.

I'm reminded of UP, in which the dogs constantly interrupt their conversations with "Squirrel!?"  Funniest. Line. Ever.  It's funny a hundred times. If you live with a dog, that is. We ended up with some icky apples (Fuji. Yuck.) and so they are squirrel bait. Got cut up pieces of apple all over my fountain, though I think I'll have to put them elsewhere, cuz a coon-coon could knock it over and break it and that would be  a Bad Thing.

In other news, I have added a looooong kelly green scarf and brown fingerless gloves to my new acid green stripey liner Burton vest ensemble (66% off, thanks very much).  It's a look.  And I just got three Lucky Brand long sleeve Ts at TJ Maxx for cheeeeeap. So I'll be the one in the cool Lucky T with accented with various greens, if you're looking for me this week.

Today I plan my release party. I love having parties. Hate the sending of invites.  It's mail, and mail is a pain.  I think I'll have to go all Evite on your asses.

Um. I also hate 5th grade homework.

Yeah, that's all I got for today.  What's on with you?

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