weird shit people say to me

Granted, it's not tough to leave me speechless. I'm not at my best in the impromptu, small talk conversation genre. But people say stuff to me, stuff that I have no idea how to respond to.  Yeah, okay, most of the time I'm drunk. So I think this is a new semi-regular, occurrence-based topic, with a tag and everything.  See?  (Down there.)

Our (in)famous Turk was, well, not the latest, but one of the latest. He turned to me in the bar and apologized for flirting with my friend instead of me. Actually, I think he said he'd go with her over me cuz I just seem closed off. Or something like.

I think (hope- drunk!) I mumbled something about him not being able to do better than my friend (she's one of my favoritest people).

Or I might have dreamed that later (drunk) and said nothing, which is ever so much more likely. 

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