Just a quick post to say Hi.  I'm swamped with catch-up work and promoting QUENCHER.  So excited at how many people have emailed me about it. Yay!!

Also don't forget to stop by and read one of my favorite short stories ever, "To Stop a War," over at Big Pulp.

Um.  I got to snowboard twice, I got to see my best friend from college, Christmas was a bit thin this year as I imagine it was for many of us, and our drain froze. Oh, and the band, good as it was, didn't do a countdown on New Year's Eve which of course left all of us mumbling drunkenly at our watches.  I did get a kiss at 12:02, and some more thereafter, according to my wrist. Oh, and I now am the proud owner of an 11 year old boy as opposed to a 10 year old boy.  That's really it.

I realize it's boring as all hell when an author does pure promotion, so I swear to write something more interesting soon.  But for now it's your turn. I've been gone. Catch me up!

So?  What's new with you?

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