the hermit

I threw a three card job for myself last night.  The past and present cards did not surprise or concern me: both related to being stuck on some or another level.  But my last card, the future card (I lay out my three card readings in past, present, future, and sometimes I cut a fourth card to clarify future, sort of a future-future reading) confirmed what I've been thinking.
This is one of the easier cards to read; THE HERMIT is pretty obvious. Some interpretations put him as a higher being: I like the one that claims he's an aspect of THE FOOL, slightly wiser and world-weary, needing a chance to tap into what lies within rather than without.  I've been writing A LOT in the past days and anticipate it continuing.  My social interactions feel a little awkward with all but my closest friends, as if I'm meant to be thinking more than talking.  And this interpretation deepened the meaning:

Notice how the bodily stance of the Hermit resembles the number 9, the actual number of the card. This wasn't accidental. In numerology the number 9 represents completion, personal master and the conclusion or end of either a process, situation, idea or an involvement. In the case of The Hermit these number 9 qualities fit his characterization exactly. 

I'm not big into numerology, but it's reassuring when things fit like Tupperware lids. I'm Seeing the end of SCAR now. There's a lot of work left, but I can see it more as a complete book rather than a project.   I actually, for the first time, had the thought about sending it out, what agents I think would like the book, what publishing house it might fit with. It's an important transformation to make during the process, I think, and THE HERMIT is just good advice.

Which card fits your mood lately?

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