write a writer day

Got a nice note yesterday from a reader, amid the snowboarding and football. It really made my day. Writers, whether they write on a blog or fiction or whatever, always love to hear their thoughts touched someone.

It's reassuring, too. I mean, I still hold that there is some lying on this blog, but it's mostly by ommision. Do you really want to hear the details of my struggles with my injuries from this year? Doubt it. But I've had moments of laying my heart out there. I definitely do it in fiction, too. So when I publish a story and someone tells me it's their favorite thing they've read lately, or when I throw something out here on the blog and someone tells me they think the same way, it's reassurring. It lets me know that I'm not completely off base with my weird thoughts. Because, dude, no one thinks that they're the only one who thinks this way like a writer does. We're so insecure, you could shove us with a feather.

So in that vein, let's declare today Write A Writer Day. But please, drop a writer a quick note detailing what touches you about their writing. You'll be glad you did.

And you'll make someone's day. :D

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