So I've decided y'all need an Xmas present, cuz y'all are just so great. What is it? We-ell, TBD. But it'll be a great read, cuz that's what I have to offer y'all. Probably a short story or two, because I seriously don't have time to edit a book between now and Christmas. I'll have to figure out how to link a PDF to the site, and maybe even some art...

Other than that, I have two paid-for releases coming up, GULP.

"To Stop a War," my fav short story I ever wrote, comes out DECEMBER 28 at BIG PULP. I love me that magazine, so go read it and support them and buy their PDF. They're a great zine with awesome taste. (if I do say so myself)

I composed TSAW on prescription cold medication in one night.

See? Aren't you glad you read SS@S? Who else KNOWS that, hmm? Besides you?

19 days to the release. I'll be remindin' y'all and shit.

And then of course QUENCHER, the internet porn book. Er, Erotic Romance. With vampires. Requited love. And girl-on-girl action.

I've been told I must have a release party for it, (my friends are so COOL) so
January, here we come. Details forthcoming, but guaranteed there'll be jello shots. Or something equally yummy. Be there or be...somewhere else.

What amuses me most is that this is MY life. The two releases, within days of each other, couldn't be MORE different than each other.

Other people have NORMAL lives. NORMAL books. NORMAL jobs. NORMAL things filmed in their garages. And stuff.

And then there's, er, me, who apparently retained my weirdom since Lincoln Jr. High. Where I had a teacher whose hall pass was a toilet seat. He caused a mental block against science that I suffer from to this day. Still, embrace the weirdom. Some days, it's all we got.

Other exciting stuff going on, too, but I'm not at liberty to share yet.

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