merry christmas

*Flagstaff Star Holiday Card,  painting by Linda Sole Faul

Every year the City of Boulder lights a star on Flagstaff Mountain. My first year here, I had a perfect view of it outside my shoebox apartment's one window.  I realized I'd moved to a place where people still hold magic dear.  Since that first snowy winter, I've learned many people keep a pocketful of magic handy, even people on the Internet. And magic is always for sharing. 

People ask me why I write, and the answer is simple. I write for the readers.  For YOU. Thank you, my readers and friends, for your kindness, love and support through 2009. I hope I've been able to return even a small part of that magic you share so readily with me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Glorious New Year, Everyone!

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