Hannah-Dog on the look out for The Squirrel

Hannah-Dog "fenced" a squirrel in the not too recent past and is now on constant look-out.  She spends so much time policing the back yard I think she's lost some weight. I'm a terrible dog-mommy. I never walk her.  We do walk and run up at the lake a lot though, so my one goal for vacation is to get out with her every day. And drink lots of beer.

Saw the Nutcracker last night.  The first half is just as crazy and fun as I recall and the second half got just as boring.  It's self-indulgent for the dancers.  I think only another artist would recognize it. All in all we were glad we went but probably won't go again.

I have two short stories brewing, which makes me glad because I need a bit of  a break from the heaviness of SCAR.  I plan on getting through my edits from the Inklings, which really don't amount to much, and writing these two short stories by the new year, unless one of them turns into a novella. And I'm going to make more cookies.  And drink lots of beer.

Everyone's doing year end and decade end roundups. That sort of thought process never appeals to me and sucky 2009 can't end soon enough (though it's ending on some high notes: a visit from a best friend from college and my favorite story appearing in Big Pulp.) But 2010 will start on a high note, right on New Years Day with the availability of  QUENCHER.  So I'm trying hard to focus ahead rather than behind. On that note, thoughts turn to goals and such. I have a few:

  • Write the sequel to QUENCHER, which I'm contracted to do.
  • Finish SCAR and get representation for the damn thing
  • Sell, in some shape or form, SENTINEL.  I have several more agents to send it to, one of which I'm very excited about, but if those don't pan out I plan on submitting to e-presses. I should make some money after all this time working on it.
  • Maybe write some yet-to-be determined novella. I'm working on an idea...
  •  Sell four short stories. After I write the two I'm planning, that's about 1/3 of my stock.  I've been good about keeping those out there, but I'd like a repeat of '09 if possible.
Yup, that's pretty well the goals to finish out the year.  Hopefully they strike the right note of ambition.  I missed my goals this year by two.

So. Inspire me. What are your goals?

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