what i hate about you

Kidding. It's what I hate about books. Because I know you're dying to know . Hopefully I don't piss anyone off.

  • Snarky, Clever, or Stating-the-Obvious internal narrative, especially when it's done for the sake of establishing voice.
  • Internal narrative that repeats information rather than adds new information.
  • Crappy-written action and dialogue that relies on internal narrative for support.
  • Lengthy setting descriptions.
  • First person with a ton of internal narrative. (I often avoid FP POV)
  • Tough chicks with something to prove.
  • Every chapter ending on a life-threatening hook.
  • When authors try too hard to "say something."
  • In general, romance as a main plot-line. (that one really is just me)

Sensing a theme there with the internal narrative? Not a big fan of a ton of internal narrative. Much of it is quite useless in books, even published books. I DO NOT mind narrative that tells, though. Sometimes that's the most efficient way to get info across and get us back to the story.

What do you hate?

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