an open letter to rock creek hoa

re: Christmas lights.

I've lived in Rock Creek for 14 years. Every year the Christmas lights have looked worse and worse, but this year is a new low. The straight "sticks" behind the main stone sign at McCaslin and Rock Creek Parkway look just stupid. Maybe they're not finished yet, but why light them, even for a night, until all the lights are ready? They're embarrassing.

There are also very few trees lit down the middle of Rock Creek Parkway. Of course, with so many of them dying, maybe it's not worth doing at all. Just a thought.

Either the company that's lighting the trees is incompetent and lazy, or whoever planned them out didn't do any actual planning. I'm shocked you would even bother lighting at all. At this point, NO LIGHTS WOULD BE BETTER.

This is from our dues? What a waste of money.

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