I have several projects on the table right now, SCAR, launching the promotions for QUENCHER (coming out February 2010), promoting Electric Spec, short story ideas, agent submissions (that bit I've been putting off), contemplating releasing HINTERLAND electronically (free here and for sale on Kindle, nook, etc), planning out a new website (really want to get on that), and pursuing a teaching opportunity.

It's November. I had 5 sales for 2009. I wanted 8 for this year. Damn. Failure.

I had lots of interest in SENTINEL, but so far no bites. My own fault, but it's languishing on the hard drive at the moment.

SCAR feels alternately like it's about to kick my ass and, well, is kicking my ass. I sometimes regret talking about it so much because I hope I haven't built it up into something it's not - yanno, like a really good book that might someday sell. Writing on spec sucks. Let's all say it together now. Writing on spec sucks.

I realize now the year is weighing on me, figuratively and literally. I have actual pounds I can't seem to lose, despite concerted effort, and I feel like my age is creeping upon me like some slow-moving pervasive fog. My family is in a time of flux, too, with family, school, and work all.

And now the holidays. Sigh.

I wish I could be looking forward to them more.

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