yawwnn streeeeetchhhh hmmm

I'm up, I'm up. Sheesh. I slept about ten hours last night, catching up. My son had a sleepover with a couple of friends and we'd carried Octoberfest to our house and continued the drinking and food for about four more hours. Crazy times.

Authorfest was interesting. Manitou Springs is an inspiring place, traditionally an artist's haven surrounded by mountains, and I sat in the hotel lounge and wrote when I wasn't speaking. I made tons of progress and got closer to nailing down SCAR's resolution after discussions with a writer friend. My talk went great. One of my friends from up north said I would enjoy the attendees, that they're hungry for information and encouragement. Quite true. I had several folks chase me down afterward to give me questions or just thank me. Knowing I encouraged writers makes the whole thing worthwhile. I did meet a guy who never finished any of his sentences and tweeted about him if you caught that. He's going to be a nameless, tagless barfly in my next book. Joking! (Kind of.) Very nice person and absolutely a brilliant writer. He writes things for his kids, accompanied by drawings and collages, and they're so cool.

Pictured: The beautiful Cliff House and friends from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers at Authorfest: Michael Madigan, Linda Berry, Mike Befeler, and Janet Lane.

Today is about finishing the hold file for Electric Spec. Production meeting tomorrow night. I can't wait because...ooooo, the stories are so good!! It looks like it'll be our best, most exciting issue yet. Details forthcoming.

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