the weekend is here...a day early!

Tonight is an evening with James Ellroy, my friend Stuart (in for the weekend - yay!), my husband - otherwise known as His Holy Tolerance, and other local authors attending the event. Looking forward to turning some FB friends to RL ones.

If I get motivated (unlikely) I'll come back and post some pics.

And as of tomorrow, I'm gone for the weekend to MileHiCon. You can check the schedule on the sidebar link for my panels, or you can find me in the Bar for Networking (actual event) or the lobby. If I'm not around, I'm hiding in my room (not!) or attending one of the other great author track panels. Don't hesitate to come up, even if I'm sitting with a crowd in the bar. I only hang out with the nice people. We'll find you a chair. For geeks-with-kids, there's lots to do there for the little 'uns, too. My son is tre bummed he can't come.

Also, don't forget to send your Kind Agent Stories to Travis this weekend!

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