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Still no time to write up all that's been going down in Sexville. Sadly, I do seem to have time to post to Facebook, which is embarrassing.

So I'm passing the buck to Erica, who's running a World Series styled writing/pitching camp. It's worth going over just for a looksie even.

Yesterday was character descriptions. I used this:

Fostered by a priest and trained by a godless soldier, Trinidad learned the brutal art of balancing faith and war in a walled parish launching a crusade against the godless. But when an old Wiccan friend claims he's started the Apocalypse, Trinidad is torn between finding forgiveness in martyrdom and saving people he never swore to protect.

And was thrilled to see Erica liked it. She's savvy and anti-bullshit, so you'll get a fix if you need one.

I'm getting lots of pings and emails on doing NaNo. I'm not doing NaNo. I never do. I write almost enough as it is, and I'm not in a position to add 50K words to anything as I'm in revisions/adding POV scenes to SCAR. It's slow, thoughtful work, not the headlong rush that NaNo requires. I do think NaNo is valuable for some writers, especially those who have trouble finishing or need to shut down internal editors. So far (knock on fake wood) I don't have those problems.

New issue of Electric Spec out tomorrow, with an article by yours truly called "The New Age of Writing." Come read and find out the new genre of the Digital Age. Plus we have a story from a Nebula award winner.

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