A friend said to me today: You tend to write a lot of killers.

God, that's going to be awesome for my Facebook link. Heh. But yup. My characters tend to solve their problems with violence.

Until now.

I have a novella coming out in February from Whiskey Creek Press called QUENCHER. Written with a partner, it's the second installment in a trilogy about a vampire dating service. It'll be released first electronically, including for Kindle, apparently. Depending on sales, we hope to combine the trilogy for paperback release. But of course that's up to our publisher.

It's, er... spicy romance. Erotica, I think they like to call it. Outside my usual genre, but I wanted a challenge. One thing that's NOT new for me is that it involves homosexual characters. Girls, this time. And just a wee bit of intimidation and violence, for fun's sake. I wrote it under a psuedonym: Ainsley. The MySpace page can be found here and when I've got the cover, I'll post it there and here and make it all pretty.

I was going to be all secretive about it, but then, well, I said fuck it for a number of reasons. First of all, I think it's kinda good, if I do say so myself. Yes, it has sex. But that's not all it has. It's also a romance, and it's got an intriguing subplot, including keeping a major secret from the main character. Also, it's tough to maintain anonymity on the web. Mostly, though, I'm crazy to ignore the fan base I've built (such as it is) writing under my own name. (That's you guys, if you missed it.)

So I'll be posting more details and doing the promotions rigmarole early next year. In the meantime, you can find the first installment here. Go buy lots. It'll help our placement for the next book. :)

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