weekend update

It's been an eventful weekend here, so let's just launch right into details.

1 I drank a lot of beer and wine and ate yummy food. All good.

2 I saw DISTRICT 9.

Hmm. It was completely, absurdly, absolutely different than I thought it would be. Plot notes: someone fell in love with their prawn special effects and couldn't let go of the first 30 minutes, which was all set up. Coulda been cut to 5 where the prawns were concerned. Close-ups of wiggling prawn whiskers indicating deep thought or emotional reaction were waaay overdone. The prawns had guns. GUNS ONLY THEY COULD SHOOT. Why didn't they? Oh, and set in South Africa? Social statement, much?

But I believed, damn you, I believed they were real aliens living in hovels in South Africa. Besides ET, the Baby Prawn, only once did I think "guy in a prawn suit." I thought the acting was superb and the characterization great. Aaaand, we're all set up for a sequel. Alls right in Hollywood.

Overall, though, it's not going to be the Important Film the producers and director thought it would be.

3 A new book idea smacked me upside the head. It's likely a pretty quick job, so I must drop everything and write it. Actually, I think I'm going to put it front and center and moonlight revisions on SCAR. That's okay, I can do it. Trust me, I need the distraction.

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