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I'm coming up on my 5th blogiversary (the big 0 - 5) and I've read a couple of old posts. Talk about complete diarrhea of the mouth. Sheee-it. But there be some gems in there, too. Go back and take a read if y'all want. It's all there, over on the sidebar. 5 years of bullcrap.

I'm too lazy for links tonight. Word.

Dude, I had kind of an eh day (don't ask, but involves unmet deadlines) and I get some really nice stuff in the mail, like Stuart's US edition of THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST (he doesn't even have it yet, which kinda made me grin. I mean, really. Isn't the author always the last to know?) and then I get this other book by Eldon Thompson, who I'm meeting tomorrow and getting all cozy with in the car ride from DIA to the Renaissance Hotel for Colorado Gold conference. He's so lucky, btw, speaking Friday night and then he basically gets to fuck around and drink. That was my schedule until about two weeks ago when I got a load of work dumped on me, not that I'm complaining, Conference Goddess. But he played football and writes epic fantasy (books as wide as my thumb is long) so that means he might be good company as long as he didn't take too many hard knocks on the head.

THEN I got (yeah, I remember the point of this, even if you forgot) a pressie from my STALKER (yeah, I have a stalker and you don't). Realm over there on the sidebar sent me the Dragonlance trilogy all wrapped up in plastic with a nice little note on the Amazon gift reciept. That was for my BIRTHDAY. For crissake, everybody and their dog doesn't have to get me a birthday present cuz I suck at remembering birthdays. Srsly, I do. But I love presents just the same and fans are absolutely the greatest. And as far as I can tell, she's the only one to do my MEME, so the rest of you lot are losers. And then, in that meme, she did the coolest thing, which was not to link only to me but to my writing. GRIN. A writer always likes that.


What else.

I got a religious candle with this really sweet pic of Jesus (your basic white Jesus, mid-twenties, hair, goatee, gentle eyes, mona lisa smile) and it says Sagrado Corazon, and fuck if I know what that is, but it's a neighborhood or something in Puerto Rico, according to Wikipedia and we know they're always right. And I have no ties at all to Puerto Rico or this Sangria-with-a-lime place but what the hell. It was a buck 19.

And I'm currently laughing at my kid's band teacher because he's all flummoxed that the kid won't be able to play drums or read music even though he's been playing drums for two years and has fucking performances up on YouTube and everything. You know, like from the time he played with the SCHOOL CHOIR?? To be fair I haven't met the dude but I instructed my kid to tell him to go to STIXDEMON on YouTube if he wants proof that he can play and read music. I say, if you're making practice during a recess, you'd just better be glad someone fuckin' shows up to scratch out some tunage.

Did anyone see Sons of Anarchy last night? Wow.

Ok, off to read DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT. Sorry, Eldon, but stalker books take precedence. And Stuart, well, he knows.

Right then. I'm out.

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