wassup, yo?

Ah goodness, the Clash back on the stereo, rockin' the Casbah. Love it. Also love the giant 20 year old speakers. They used to be end tables in our living room. Now they take up massive bookshelf real estate. Srsly, they still sound good. Not like the B&Ws, but dang. I realized the other night we were early adapters of CDs. Blame my husband nearly dying in college. I still have to buy mostly hard copies. Kinda like the books and the other million items I have in my house. Some people are foodies. I'm a thingie.

Unexpected writing time today. New goal: finish the first draft of The Silver Scar by RMFW conference. That's a month. I'm going to have to kick my ass, but I think I can do it.

PT starts tomorrow, so I'll start feeling some forward progress. Yea!

My new shutters made my son and me have allergy attacks. I get an allergy attack once every 20 years or so. Yeah. Pretty bad. But like my mom always says, it hurts to be beautiful.

Besides the Clash, we're cranking Green Day (3 nights and counting) and Nickelback. The husband is installing new bronze hinges on all the doors with two small helpers. The man's a fucking saint.

42 on Sunday. We'll see just how saintly he is.

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