Caught up on some TV last night, until about 2 am. My bad.

First up, TrueBlood, which was great. The characters behave with outrageous reality with liberal dosing of blood and the F-word. A+

Then I watched a new astronaut show on network called Defying Gravity. I twitted right after: Defying Gravity is the new "Lost" in Space.

See what I did there? Yeah.

Lots of higher-ups talking about "chosen ones," flashbacks, mysterious dreams, and shit. Oh brother. And like its most recent predecessor, it's slow. BUT, the narrator (my LEAST favorite TV or Movie technique) reminds me of Major West on Lost in Space. The only thing really missing is a talking computer. I've no doubt one will appear presently and become the villain, you know, once they're years outside of Earth and it's too late to do anything about it. Thing is, the acting seems okay so we'll see if it's really as slow as the actual "Lost" show or not.

Then Dark Blue, an undercover cop show. I enjoy it, but I see them pulling punches. For instance, a character did a stupid thing that I not only found unbelievable, he also had very little consequence for it. They sit just shy on delivering on story promises and foreshadowing. It's really too bad because I think if they approach the edge with plot and theme they'll have something great. The characters are where they need to be, doing exactly as they must to survive and succeed, and the situation provides no end of story ideas.

amendment: saw another Dark Blue, confirming my suspicions that they're pulling punches. Not only that, I think the writers are taking the simplistic way out. For instance, the girl cop who changed her drug-riddled identity gets really defensive and then makes up a stupid lie (in the same episode in which she brags about being a good liar and proves it, too) when questioned by her lawyer boyfriend about her past. Give me strength.

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