what not to wear

You know how when you were a little kid, you wore your favorite clothes in the summer and fuck all if they matched, you didn't care, they were your faves and you were feeling fine? Mine was blue athletic shorts with white trim and a red, ruffly short halter top, the kind with elastic that came down over your shoulders? Which, incidentally, must be a good look for me since that was the style of dress I wore at my wedding.

Oh, and a white belly cuz I had a tank swimsuit. Smokin''.

Later it was a t-shirt my bros bought me that said "it ain't fair" which apparently was my 8 year old whine.
Hell, it was the 70s. Catchphrases were all the rage.

Anyway, I think I'm returning to that. My current favorite is cut-offs and tank top, this rockstar brown studded belt, and well, the boot. Last night I brought a warm sweater to the soccer game (lost 0-1 fuckers) and when I stood up I realized it hung below my shorts.

An odd look. Seriously.

But I didn't care because I had all my faves on.

Life is weird.

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