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The Ghosts of Belfast

My friend Stuart's book is now available in the States, guaranteed to be a best seller Over Here like it's been Over There. I won't hesitate to mention I TOLD YOU SO!!! whenever I get the opportunity. Well, I told him so, like two years ago when I first read a draft of it. Anyway, here's a picture and some linky love. Cool cover, yes? Go buy buy buy, and don't forget the glowing reviews!

Great writing day today. Crazy good. I've apparently got the torture-your-characters thing down cuz I was practically crying today when both Castile and Trinidad were so hurt that they took it out on each other and had a big ole fight. And really, is there a better time to break up than right before they're about to throw themselves into battle? I'm kind of emotionally drained now, but they got theirs. Hey, they were being selfish jerks anyway. Actually, they weren't. I was. Bwahahahaha

Okay, so this local writer emails me out of the blue (yup, people do that and I kinda like it, crazy me). Found you through such and such who is my sister. He's a funny guy, very amusing, and just seems nice, yanno?

Guess who gets to have lunch with him tomorrow?

Guess again!

The husband. Grr. I mean, srsly. I never get to do the fun stuff.

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