misc monday

Read slush last night. I'm personally up to about June 16 for submissions, but I'm not sure about the other editors. For those of you who like stats, I held 1/20 for voting. I sent rejections today. Biggest problem: not getting what the story is about. Speculative fiction is slippery and the worlds are new and different. Many writers failed to ground this editor with scene setting and primary conflict.

Big Gig was awesome on Saturday. No one ever told me All American Rejects are sex on wheels when they perform. Talk about dumbing down records for mass consumption. Goldfinger is just a plain old fun punk band; I'm going to have to check out their music further. And Synthetic Elements is a new up-and-comer who won a spot on the main stage. I'd see them again anytime.

Biggest dissapointment? Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, whose blend was way off. Too bad, really, they're so great. And guys, just go hard metal already. We'll love you better for it.

So. Huh. Do we like the new marquee or not? I used it on my MySpace (God I hate them) page but I'm not sure how well it fits in here.

Um, that link has a subtle announcement, btw.

Ok, going to write now and later run some errands.

This just in: SWEARING RELIEVES PAIN!! See?? I fuckin told you so!!!

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