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I have a group of people in my WIP I call Indigos, stripped from the word Indigenous. Meaning indigenous peoples. They're county dwellers in a new Colorado full of walled cities funded by the Christian Church. You know, as if there's only the one church--in this case it's the Episcopal Church with all the money for a lot of reasons, mostly cuz that's what I am. Episcopal.

And they like all sorts of people regardless of who those people love. That, too. The church isn't the bad guy in this book. (Everyone is, hah!)

Anyway, I've got all these violent Indigos scraping alongside these other groups who all have a purpose. I've had the Indigos' purpose down as "survival". As if I needed a whole group just to show how desperate the socio-economic-environmental situation is in this book. But it served as a placeholder for them, because those Indigos just weren't going to up and leave the landscape of the book any more than curbside recycling is going to leave Boulder County.

Then I started reading LITTLE BROTHER by Cory Doctorow.

Go read it and then you'll realize the Indigos' true purpose. It's up for a Hugo, btw, and it don't cost nuthin'.

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