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I occurs to me that my last post was a bit cryptic. I guess because, grand idea as it is, the notion of writing Preserving Freedom as a theme irritates the hell out of me. Not that I'm against Freedom, and I hate taking off my flip-flops along with the rest of my fellow travelers (don't think about the icky floor where thousands of people have walked barefoot, don't think about it...!) (damn. too late.)

But I don't spend a lot of time moaning over whether the government is tapping into my latest text session, which usually happens at a concert and runs something like this:


-by the bar

-which 1?

-same as B4

-k BRB

I don't have all that much to hide. Well. Anything, really. And yes I would get annoyed if someone hacked me, but not to the point that if somebody picked me up after a terrorist attack and asked me to unlock all my electronics I wouldn't do it. Could be just me. I'm pretty boring, after all.

So a myriad of electronic tracking devices is not something I'm passionate enough over to spend hours researching. Frankly, that bores me to tears and I've been skimming over lots of Big Brother cuz, well, it's a bit thick with that.

However, The Silver Scar world, 2065 Colorado, is under marshal law. The cities are walled. Homeland security has deployed an army of marshals (see what I did there?). After a couple of decades of outside terrorist attacks, followed by eco-terrorism cutting off us off at the knees, we're in a world of fuck, and people have turned to various faiths for comfort, polarizing them via their pocketbooks and proselytizing.

So the Indigos aren't going to spend a lot of time bellyaching about software that tracks which internet porn you like best. They don't have electricity to run the software out where they live. However, they are going to get a bit pissy that they can't get into the markets or hospitals of the walled cities because they don't have proper paperwork, or because marshals lump all of them in with a few scarf-wearing bandits roaming the county lands looking for a caravan to raid.

And that is a theme I can get behind.

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